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  1. Thank you so much for posting these. It’s a good idea to remind ourselves of these. To be honest, this is scary to me. I tend to think my children are safe and wouldn’t experience anything I experienced. But lately I’ve been worried.

    The one myth that really resonates with me is the one about people being too quick to believe a child molester is guilty. This is not my experience at all. I was the one not believed.

    Myth 3 makes me feel a bit better. I know the risk of a one shot attack is lower than the risk of grooming and abuse. I can smell all the signs of this, so I would think I would be able to catch this with my children.

    Myth 7: I minimized, for years and years.

    I hope it’s okay, that I’m going to add this link to my blog.


    1. I think the best way to keep kids safe is to love them and take good care of them. Child molesters tend to prefer children that have issues at home or are neglected, because they’re less likely to have watchful parental eyes. Anna Salter (who I wrote about earlier in the predators post) makes a point of attending all her children’s team sports practises, games and events and being actively involved in their lives so she can see who they are interacting with and how and intervene if someone takes an inappropriate interest.

      Yes, I think I could smell grooming too, and I have certainly minimized, although I don’t think I reported anything at all as a child (that’s minimizing, then, isn’t it?).
      Yes, of course it’s okay with me for you to add the link.


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