On pilgrimage

I’m on pilgrimage to various neolithic Goddess sites in Malta with a bunch of women. It’s been a good trip, but I’ve had a cold the whole time. Tomorrow we’ll be singing in  one of the temples, an  underground one with great accoustics. I’m staying silent tonight in hopes that my voice will heal by then and I’ll be able to sing with the others.

It’s kind of inspiring that these cultures, which have left no evidence of war (weapons, war injuries on skeletons, fortifications) lasted for thousands of years and lived in a sustainable manner. Their central deities were Goddesses and their temples and tombs were shaped as wombs, dark inside and painted red.

May your day today be peaceful.


4 thoughts on “On pilgrimage”

  1. Hi Sworddancewarrior,

    Sounds so wonderful. Goddess cultures have a lot to recommend them. I hope you feel well enough to sing in the temple. Good and healing thoughts to you.


  2. I am naughty but I think women probably used their tongues and then maybe group mediation or something. Do you know Nancy Blair’s work she does divination. Temple she says represents the union of opposites…coming home. enjoy Janey

  3. I am wondering if it is working on a deep enough level for you. Coming together to sing should be amazing. I hope you have/ or develop a close connection with someone there. Travelling can set us up for colds cos so much change is happening. Imagine your inner child is standing beside you and look at the view through her eyes. Sending hugs. One day I want to go there. Thanx for sharing I love hearing xJaney

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