Survivors of Incest Anonymous

Survivors of Incest Anonymous LogoSIA has been very helpful to me. It’s an anonymous support group with a good structure for survivors of childhood sexual abuse by a family member or someone known to the family. It’s based on the 12 steps of AA, which focus on personal responsibility, and accepting help from something greater than yourself. This something is usually called a higher power, and one of the things people don’t get about 12 step programs is that this higher power definitely does not have to be a god or anything like a god if that’s not where you draw strength from. Anyhow, I wanted to mention it, because it’s free and is a good way to build solidarity with other survivors. Here’s the international website with info on the program and how to get connected. There are phone and video meetings available for survivors who don’t live near an in-person one. It’s all volunteer organized and supported only by voluntary donations from members, so be nice.

Here’s the info:  – World Service Organization – These are the international coordinating volunteers I’ve never used this site or these phone meetings, but I know a survivor who has and they are legit.




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