Family: Enablers / Accomplices

Relatives who know about the abuse and cover it up are criminal accomplices, whether they are seen that way or not.  Relatives who condone the abuse once they know about it, are also accomplices. Mothers who stay with men who abuse their children would be an example here. In my story, this is my mother, who knew and did not help me escape.

Big fight with brother

Ah, that stuff they I read about family systems work is right. When you try and change a long-standing pattern, people freak out on you to try and get you to change back. The deal is that you’re supposed to respond in a low key manner. I wrote the follow-up email to my older brother, …

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Cords and ties

My therapy session today was unexpectedly intense yesterday. I’ve been giving myself a hard time lately about not being able to persevere. In general, particularly with certain things like learning physical skills, if I meet resistance or difficulty, I have a lot of trouble continuing on in spite of it (except in certain thing, or things …

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My Mother

November 22nd. I have come to understand that my mother knew and chose to do nothing. When I was 18 or thereabouts, I wrote my mother a letter telling her what my father had done to me. That he’d raped me and sexually abused me, beginning when I was quite young and continuing for years. …

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