Warrior – the Real Wyrd Sisters

The Real Wyrd Sisters – Shame on Warner Brothers

I have two items on the subject of being a warrior that I want to share – here is the first:

The lyrics to “Warrior” by the Wyrd Sisters. When looking for a recording or video of this song, I found out that this Canadian band from Winnipeg, who has been one of my favourites for years, is being sued by Warner Brothers, who want to steal their name. WB is legally in the wrong, but has way more money and wants to market a band of their own with all kinds of spin off products (based on the one in Harry Potter with a different name) with the same name. The Wyrd Sisters named their band for a Celtic trinity of Goddesses, and have have written some beautiful songs on important issues including child abuse. Shame on Warner Brothers!

WB is probably going to bankrupt these nice socially progressive folk musicians, who have done so much to support the spirits of those of us concerned with social justice. I’m so mad I could just spit!

I love the Harry Potter books, and respect JK Rowling, but honestly the movies are just a weak knockoff of the kind, good and inspiring features of the books. The band in the book (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) was named the “Weird Sisters”, probably a pun/nod to the same Celtic Goddesses.

WB should ask themselves WWDD (“What Would Dumbledore Do?”) and negotiate something fair with the Wyrd Sisters instead of crushing them. They could name their movie band “The Wierd Sisters” like in the book instead of the Wyrd Sisters their marketing folks like better, compensate the real Wyrd Sisters for using their name, and mention in the credits that the real Wyrd Sisters are in Winnipeg Canada and have generously allowed the similar name to be used. This lawsuit shows that WB have no respect for the values the Harry Potter books illustrate. I encourage people to Boycott / Girlcott  / Pagancott / Survivorcott Warner Brothers Harry Potter paraphenalia unless they do the right thing. If you want to see the movie, wait till your local library gets the DVD.

Here’s their myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/thewyrds and you can hear “Warrior” there. The lyrics are below.

I was a shy and lonely girl
with the heavens in my eyes
and as I walked along the lane
I heard the echoes of her cries

I cannot fight
I cannot a warrior be
it’s not my nature nor my teaching
it is the womanhood in me

I was a lost and angry youth
there were no tears in my eyes
I saw no justice in my world
only the echoes of her cries

I cannot fight
I cannot a warrior be
it’s not my nature nor my teaching
it is the womanhood in me

I am an older woman now
and I will heed my own cries
and I will a fierce warrior be
’til not another woman dies

I can and will fight
I can and will a warrior be
it is my nature and my duty
it is the womanhood in me

I can and will fight
I can and will a warrior be
it is my nature and my duty
it is the sisterhood in me


Apparently, the back story for the song is that the Wyrd Sisters member who wrote it worked in her youth in a mental hospital, and saw first hand how at least one girl who had disclosed child sexual assault was treated  in the hospital. The abuse was severe and documented but the administration treated her like she was dirty, a liar and the source of shame to her family rather than her father/abuser, and the songwriter felt helpless to help her at the time.

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  2. Hi SwordDanceWarrior,

    Thank you so much for this post. I am so upset that these wonderful women are going through this kind of corporate abuse. I am so angry.

    I really really needed to hear the message in this song right now. Just underneath a lot of really sad stuff and then this gift came to me. Thank you.

    Thank you for being such a healer in my life.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


  3. Have neither of these parties heard of the Terry Pratchett novel “Wyrd Sisters”? The book is about 20 years old, & Terry Pratchett took the name from Shakespeare in the first place, so these corporate fucks really need to shut the fuck up, & back the hell off.

  4. Back in 2004-2005, warner asked “Tree Weird Sisters” and “The Wyrd Sisters” if they could use the name “The Weird Sisters” (same in the HP book) for the movie. “Tree Weird Sisters” were okay with this but not “The Wyrd Sisters” (even if WB offered 50000$). Then the band sued WB and asked for 40millions of dollars. The Wyrd sisters eventually lost the lawsuit and has been ordered by the court to pay 140’00$ to WB (for the fees of the lawsuit).

    I think the Wyrd Sisters were wrong. Why couldn’t they just refuse the offer? Why did they needed to sue WB with 40millions$?

    The Wyrd Sisters are not mentionned in the movie. And the band’s name in the OST is the WEIRD sisters.

    Your post tells the wrong story…

    (sorry for my messy english, i’m french)

    1. Hi JustNera,
      I looked into this when I wrote it, and I believe it to be correct. My understanding is the WB sued the Wyrd sisters, not the reverse, and they did turn down the offer. There’s a description of what happened on the Wyrd sisters website which I believe. Why should the Wyrd sisters have to pay a bunch of money for a lawsuit because someone else wanted to use their name? WB should have just taken no for an answer rather than making it go to court.


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