The Man Who Planted Trees

Photocredit: Denis Collette
Photocredit: Denis Collette

This video/story has nothing to do with being a survivor, really, but much to do with hope and making a difference. It’s an allegorical tale of a man who spends his life planting trees. This is the type of movie I’d like to see more of instead of reality tv, never resolving dramas and sensationalized violence and disfunction.

If you’re looking for a dose of beauty, truth and gently inspiring hope, I suggest watching this film, the Man Who Planted Trees, a CBC animation with Christopher Plumber narrating. 

If you’d rather just read the story (the video is the full story and is about a half hour, and very beautifully done) here it is:

The man in the story is not real, but here is an example of a real person who did something similar: Beautiful and hopeful.

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  1. I love the photo as well. The photos you pick are consistently incredibly visual, evocative, and healing. Though coming from you, I wouldn’t expect anything less.


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