I was listening to the audio recording of my last singing lesson (I’ve had three so far) and damn, my voice sounds good. I went online and purchased some sheet music for songs I’d like to do. The music store even transposes them to the right key. This is a big deal, as transposing by hand is really labour intensive.

In short. I’m happy. I’m learning new things and I’m feeling confident. I might even branch out into learning an instrument.

In about a week and a half I’m going to visit my mom’s sister and brother out east. I’m hoping to ask them some questions, and visit my grandparent’s graves, since I wasn’t able to attend their funerals.¬† My aunt gets it and should be great, but I’m trying not to worry. Only knowing that I can stay in a hotel if it doesn’t work out with her keeps me from getting anxious about it. I honestly don’t know how it will go.

I’m sure I will have lots to write once I’m on the road.

My wife and I are planning a trip for our vacation in a couple of months that might include my home town. I’d like to have a look at some of the places I spent time as a child, see if I can remember anything, maybe talk to some of my childhood friends. I must be doing a lot better because I’m not feeling afraid of running into my father. Instead I’m thinking I should practice up on my right hook so I can deck him if I see him. Then I fantasize about what the conversation with the police would look like, or if he’d even press charges¬† if I threatened “I will if you will”. I’m sure I’ll get nervous if it gets closer. We’re going to do some fun stuff too.

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  1. He’s out and about in the city ? I thought he was safely tucked away on an hospital bed. Well, you’re very courageous, I wouldn’t come within miles of the place where my father lives.

    1. Last I heard he was at home, he’s unfortunately really hard to kill. He keeps going into the hospital with serious life threatening things and then coming out, dammit. I wouldn’t have even thought about being anywhere he might be a year ago, but I must be getting braver. Frankly though, if I glimpsed him from a distance even I’d leave before he saw me probably, although decking him is a nice fantasy. I’m pleased that I can even imaging decking him, because before I would have thought that he was invulnerable to attack.

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